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Blogging for blair may be sparse in the near future. Aside from a must-do back post of our girls adventures in vegas, there won't be much here in the next several thinks.

two reasons.



Yes I have an excessive amount of prep leading up to a conference in san diego (final booth design touches, web content uploads, t-shirt printing for give-aways... and that pesky book I swore I'd finish. Now I think I will be smart and reduce some of it's unfinished pages into a book proposal. I will be surrounded by publishers at the show, so why not troll...)

and on the play end of things...

well one doesn't pay the high cost of airfare to san diego just to come home from a four day show without utilizing all that its destination has to offer.

mainly cruises.

so, yes Bryan and I will be sneaking off for our first true empty-nest fling, and the first childless trip since...

well, our honeymoon, I guess.

(Sorry Daniel, you know we love having you around, but you are in school and so we just can't take you with us this time.;-)

So once work is done (conference) then there will be play. Lot's of it.

10 day mexican riviera.


And I am oh so ready for it. The last blue water I saw was a year and a smidge ago on our exnihilo sand.
I miss it.

So... blogging may be in spits and spurts for the month of november.

I promise to play catch-up with some underwater pics of pretty fish and all things exotic.


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