what are the odds?

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You know those moments when your mind receives information in a sort of slow-mo fashion?

I had that experience last night...

and then spent the rest of the evening laughing at the statistical odds, not to mention the moral dilemma that faces my husband...

but a bit of back story first...

A few weeks ago I was delivering my new work (poppies and sunflowers) to the little shop in silver spring (Alchemy). Brenda the owner informed me that she had been asked to manage the Heliport Gallery, a gallery established by the organization that planned and revitalized the downtown. Anyway, she informed me that for her first show in that space she wanted to feature my thin places collection. (God Bless her)

My opening night will be October 5th!

So going home that day, I was on a bit of a high. My own show, with my paintings, on white walls...

very cool.

Fast forward to last night...

Bryan and I are in our favorite little wine shop,Adega, having a bottle of red, and some yummy tidbits. We run into a man named Luis Scotti, an artist that Daniel had seen here several months ago. Back then the man was looking over some pictures while having his lunch, and something about him just screamed "artist" so Daniel went up and introduced himself. They struck up a conversation and Luis was curating a show of some sort at the time at one of the embassies, and expressed an interest in seeing some of Daniel's paintings. The potential was very exciting, emails were exchanged but nothing ever came of it despite running into Luis several times later at Adega.

Until last night.

Luis spots Bryan while ordering cake, and asks..."Where is Danielle (very strong accent-he is from Uruguay), I need to speak to him right away, I need his work..."


Forgoing the cake order, Bryan invited Luis back to our table for a glass of wine, and to clarify. Communication is a bit of a challenge because of a slight language barrier, but we manage to get the info...

He wants three of Daniel's paintings for a show he is curating...

this show!

It is an international initiative that involves artists from several countries. An auction for a great cause. Very cool.

So, as we get a little more info, what work, pricing, sizes, etc. As the conversation continues I am more and more excited for my son, great opportunity, exposure...how wonderful! And then I ask the question...

"When is the opening?" (and this is where my mind received the information in slow motion in some sort of movie fashion)

October 5th.

What are the odds of that?

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I checked out the site. Is this an online auction only or is there a physical site? Also is Daniel ready to let go of some of his work. I find that to always be a challenge especially the ones you really love. I know you will work out the details and how exciting for both of you. The world is opening up and God is blessing. I am going to send you an e-mail with a poem I found that I thought was so well put and meant a lot to me as a creative person.

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