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Summer flown and move in day has come. Two days worth of back and forth and again we prove that you can move just about anything in a convertible.

At least with the top down.

But there were some challenges with timing between downpouring rain on saturday and a heat index of 105. It was like swimming in a fish bowl. But we managed to get Daniel tucked into his new digs in his new on campus apartment. Bryan worked his magic as usual hanging lights to shine on the big work wall (for all those artistic creations) making sure the direction was just so because we all know that...

"its all about the lighting".

A few pictures down you will see how hard I am working trying out the new papasan chair. Yes, those are my feet.

All in all this moving of our dear one was less traumatic this year as last. Fewer unknowns, we have all grown up a bit this year, and so the goodbyes were not followed by the lump in the throat but by, a more casual see ya later, have a great year...

Man did the summer fly by.





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