back to work and advertising realities


Created this image some time ago as a metaphor for racial diversity but am considering it for an ad. The planet keeps spinning and if genuine original art has any voice I have to advertise to get it heard. And the church world has too many flowers, sunsets, and fluffy bunnies.

But I hate advertising.

I always feel a little sluty doing ads for something that I consider a ministry.

But it is my bread and butter too. And creating the art doesn't have much meaning if nobody gets to see it.

Kinda like if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it... or a bear....

Well, you know.


This series also evolved into the image of christ as a woman covered in blood...

definitely not fluffy.


very cool blair! i know if you made blog banners we would post them on our blogs w/ a link - and your other artists might too - maybe a "see my art" kind of link?? just a thought??

I've been thinking about your use of the word 'slutty' since I first read this post. It reminds me, somehow, of partnering with abuse victims and the common fear of being dangerous;and the disbelief when I would start to open the door that we were created to be dangerous. I'm not saying that we were created to be slutty, but maybe in this usage of that word there is more opening to be done?? Somehow your statement really caught me with that thought.

bobbie, neat idea about blog banners. I need to consider those alternate means of "advertising".

anj, your comment has made me think even more about why I chose that word. What you imply makes me think that I am pursuing a noble cause. I guess I continue to struggle with the fact that I am working in an "industry" that I don't necessarily inhabit anymore. Sometimes it seems hippacrital (sp) to me. But that assumes that everyone is living the same journey on the same timeline. I have to remind myself that what I do has value for someone else even though I may not hold the same convictions anymore. Thanks again for making me think.

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