practicing patience

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I woke up this morning impatient. Trying to pinpoint the feeling was difficult. I can only describe it as a feeling of discontent that things don't move, resolve, or have closure fast enough.

And it only got worse after my morning coffee.

The feeling is familiar though. It tends to be the poker that prompts me to go about the daily things of life, get things done, keep things going. And that can be good...

but it has a darker side.


This is the opposite of being "content in all situations", and I think it stems mostly, or at least is fed by the tone of the culture that we live in. Not that culture is completely to blame. My own desires factor in for sure. The question is where does desires intersect with the functions of daily life, and at what point does having a particular thought that evolves into a desire become a want?

Every human everywhere, we all desire basic things. But want is something that seems to throw things out of kilter...

robbing your peace.

And for me right now, I just want everything to be done, finished and resolved.

And I want it now.

Looking outside at my herb garden and my tomato plants that have gotten five feet tall I am reminded of what it means to be patient. One thing that gardening does is teach you patience. Everything about it requires pause. Composting is a process that takes months, even years. Plants that fruit or flower only after years of cultivation can remind you of where you are in the scheme of things. If you really contemplate it that is.

Good things come to those who wait.

I hate waiting.;-)

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