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Ok, I think I am going to make the transition from my shiny green notebook (that used to keep me organized) to this.

When it comes to making my lists I have always been a pen and paper kind of gal. Right down to using a purple pen to check things off to give me the added satisfaction of finishing something. (yea its a quirk, I'll own it). But the notebook has lacked the sophistication to keep up with the oodles of projects I've added to my life of late. And when a system doesn't work well, it doesn't work at all. Stuff starts to lag, or fall off the table and that is frustrating. Fortunately during one of Bryan's regular surfing sessions he bumped into this great piece of software. Its features are perfect for this intj. It even links to ical.

And it is free. Gotta love the net. Two clicks and I was setting up my new system.

So now I am officially going high tech.

Someone want to break the news to my purple pen?


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