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Bryan's 43 today.

A very unusual birthday request from my husband was to spend the day outside laying bricks. Doesn't sound like much of a birthday but the key ingredient to this was that his dad was here to help. So for Bryan's 43rd birthday, Bryan, Dad and I worked on our backyard while Mom was in the kitchen secretly making something very special.

The birthday cake.

It isn't just any cake. It is a cake that Bryan used to ask for as a boy. It is a cake that has fond memories attached to it. And it is a cake that takes a pound of butter to make.

yea huh.

And since it has been ages since I have made a birthday cake, it worked out great. After Mom finished working her magic in the kitchen she joined us outside, watching the antics as "the boys" tried to outdo each other in who could haul the most bricks down the hill without killing themselves (or each other). Dad won hands down with five bricks stacked on the handtruck. Keep in mind each brick weighs 82 pounds. Bryan's dad is bumping up against age seventy but can run rings around us younger folk and lift more than his own weight exponentially. It is always a hoot watching him but be careful not to blink because while you are standing around trying to figure something out he will have it done without skipping a beat.

So finishing up with bricks and such we settled in for a nice evening barbeque. An unconventional birthday indeed, but ended with the sweetest of desserts.


the oh-so-yummy french-filling cake.



Bryan's dad sounds like my dad as far as strength and construction reasoning go. What a weird birthday, but I am glad that progress was made on that project. It sounds like a big one.

This looks like my kind of cake. I'm assuming that you have been to a hockey game though which is something I have never done. Most of my time was taken up with football, basketball, baseball, and soccer thank goodness for Jordan because at least I got some music thrown into the mix. Looks like a great birthday and what a great picture of the hands love it. I figured Bryan's dad would have to get involved in the building project. That is just like Bill and his dad. Hope you made a lot of progress.

Oh and happy belated birthday Bryan.

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