turtles, deer, worms and hail


Last week it was snapping turtles. Yesterday I caught a worm munching my grapevines. While I was outside tending my plants I felt something fall on me like a mist. Tiny bugs. I had to shake them off. It was ninety degrees then it rained, then it hailed. This morning it was below sixty and felt cold. The forecast is back to ninety in two days.

Typing away I looked up to see a deer looking at me through my studio door. I nearly jumped out of my chair. Whats next? Raining frogs?

or something out of a steven king novel?


deer spots me with camera and bolts


grapevine pest


Cool picture of the deer! Not sure but I believe that green worm is not a helpful one, you might want to watch that one he might go after your tomatoes. Sounds like you are having some interesting weather. It's 110 here today and tomorrow then supposed to drop to 107 WHOOPEE!

I looked up the caterpillar I think it is a waved sphinx which feeds off of ash, privet, oak, and a couple of others still I would watch your tomatoes.

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