too many doors; the wheel of projects


Haven't been blogging in a while. Too many projects, too many options, each one edging out the other until I am often left standing in the middle of my studio unsure of what to do next. I told myself a few years ago that I would not let this happen again, but when you have so many interests it is often times hard to let them go (even one) without remorse. And then there are the things that must be done...tasks that revolve that give no satisfaction unless you slide them into some sort of meditational exercise, which sometimes works for me.

Yes, even laundry can be a spiritual discipline.

But the last few weeks have flown due to cram packed weekends of working on the yard.

And the weekdays have been crammed with running a business, writing a book, photographing this guy (again) for his new book (just the inside jacket, no cover this time) trying to grow tomatoes, learning to compost, stacks of finances to finish, an architect to call...

jewelry to make(cuz apparently it is selling)...

paintings to paint...

food to cook...

toilets to clean...

ok this sounds like some sort of weird domestic rollercoaster. Actually, this weekend my husband and I dubbed it "the wheel of projects". In that case we were giving a name specifically to the overwhelming amount of projects left to finish the remodel of this house. But in fact the concept could apply to my world in general.

But really, I probably wouldn't have it any other way.

Even though I wistfully imagine a simple apartment with nothing needing fixed, working with my laptop with no clutter of any kind...

well that would last for about ten minutes and then my head would implode.

Truth is I need my doors. Some are fun, some are tedious, some are great candidates for procrastination and others I can't wait to get to...

So today I sit with so many doors...eeny meeny miney moe...

How many doors do you have, and how many of them do you actually like?



Oddly enough, right at the moment one of my doors is...doors! The visual metaphor/design theme for the next series is doors, ajar, (the title: following Jesus into Unexpected Places.)

So some genius has the idea to make prayer stations which one enters THROUGH A DOOR. How hard can that be? I say blithely.

When I say 'how hard can that be?" what is usually going through my unconcious mind is: "How hard would that be for me to do, mostly by myself, since it is my job and all, if I had all the time in the world and NO TODDLER TO TAKE CARE OF?"

So I just got off the phone with the volunteer who is constructing the braces to make the door frames stand up. The lumber we were planning to use is not up to the task; he needs to make a lumber run before any more gets done. Sigh.

I miss being a lone ranger. No I don't.

Yes, occasionally, I really do.

Ha. Oh Betsy... I am flashing back to the old days of building sets and other such things for church...Hmm. Truthfully, I don't miss that. And in your case adding the fun of a toddler just ups the excitement doesn't it. Although I do remember Daniel being hauled around to the lumberyard and such...

Anyway, I love your visual metaphor theme. Portals of any kind are an absolute favorite of mine. It makes a big statement.

Have you seen The Fountain?

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