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In my (what seems like) perpetual research regarding design for our artist retreat I bumped into an architect that might be perfect. Alas the friends made on the island last year are apologetically overwhelmed in their own architect world to help us, so I have been scoping far and wide for someone who might sympathize with our little dream. I ran into Frank Harmon. His work is amazing, artistic, insightful...

and probably out of our price range. But you never know until you ask.

Of course looking at the work of a world class designer is one thing, actually talking to him is quite something else.

What the heck, I'll send him an email. What is the worst that can happen? (You think I'd learn about adventurous emails ;-)

So a few days ago I did. I described our little project and what our hopes and dreams are. And his firm replied back in a very friendly fashion. Frank was out of the office this week but will be back next week. Our proposed project sounds "very intriguing" and the eco-friendly part is "very appealing". So they prompted me to send more specific property details to be followed by a phone call with Frank.

One more step closer to mondo.


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I checked out the architect's website and I must say this looks like a perfect fit he does some great stuff. Also glad you have finally gotten stuff in the gallery it looks really cool. I know you will do well.

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