moms day 07

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What can I say? It's all about the food. Here you see my sneaky husband adding Reeses to the flower arrangement. The man truly has the keys to my heart. Mimosas in the morning followed by french toast and a cap. Yummmm.


Flowers and two lovely cards from my guys. Touching things written by my son that brought tears to my eyes. These are the moments that make being a mom the best thing ever.


Then we got ambitious and hung Daniel's new painting in the living room. Which then facilitated completely rearranging our bedroom in order to find a home for the artwork that was in the living room ;-). I call this the domino effect. It happens pretty frequently in our house. The start or change of something often times effects other things that have to be tended to. So the new painting in the living room... changed our bedroom.

Go figure.


My sweet husband made divine lamb chops for dinner. Lamb chops with cherry and fresh mint from my garden, and couscous. Like I said... its all about the food.


Other special acts of love on this day included Bryan hooking up my new torch for silversmithing. Then we took a trip to Pier1 for some new pillows for the couch...

because the old pillows clashed with the new painting in the living room. ;-)

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