Artist date. Last friday and today and I am here. This is the first piece that is somewhat representational that I didn't sit around and think about or sketch first. I literally showed up at the canvas, grabbed some yellow paint and began, having no idea what would come out. As I worked the content became clear and that directed me toward the "creation" theme. I stopped for today, and have no idea how it needs to be finished.

Maybe I just need to show up again next week and see what "it" thinks. ;-).





COOL! looking forward to seeing how it speaks to you.

I think this process is amazing. I would love to walk a museum with you,sit and be with as you work,and listen to you listen to the work.

Gorgeous. If only I'd be blessed with a mere sliver of your talent. I look forward to the finished product, though it's beautiful already. The brush strokes are fantastic.

i have again lost your feed - she is glorious! i have just caught up and am so excited to hear about the gallery!! congratulations for mustering up the courage to hit send! proud of you!

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