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Apparently I can not be social and engaged with others and maintain a blog. Only so many words in my head I guess, when they are use up in conversation there are none left for writing. It is hard to believe I have let almost a month go by without spouting my thoughts on this virtual page. But there was much fun and special times had over the last many weeks.

My dear friend Anita made our house her launch pad for her fabulous europe trip. Many evenings were spent talking over cheese and a nice red. The days were spent checking out museums or shopping, and we even managed to have a good cherry blossom festival downtown with decent weather, and cherry blossoms! We sent her on her way and then two days later Bryan's brother Brent, his wife, Valerie, and their twin boys arrived. It is a new chapter in my life when I can report that I actually enjoyed cooking and entertaining all three weeks. The boys were so cute, but despite being twins they are nothing alike which presented a real challenge to their parents.

I will write more and post pictures soon but It was all I could do to just get these few words on the page before it looks as if april didn't happen in blogworld.

Anita and I at the National Gallery

Cherry Blossom Festival


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