snowing again


Last week predicted that this week would be in the mid 50s.

As I type this it is 27 degrees and snowing.


Looking out at the falling snow I have a choice. Contemplate the beauty and peace that the freezing temp causes in making everything dormant until spring...

or rail against it and be frustrated because it is just so darn cold in our beloved but drafty house.


At the sight of mid fifties last saturday, I had pretty much shifted into spring being oh so ready to play outside on the overwhelming number of projects we have at the ready to finish this house. Those plans were somewhat thwarted. Truth be told I should be grateful because I still have tax docs to gather and bookwork to catch up on and if it was sunny and warm outside...

can you spell procrastination?

So instead of blaming thwarted plans on the weather maybe I should be thanking it for the reminder of what I really should be doing. Perception of reality makes all the difference don't you think?

Ok, time to contemplate the peace.

back to work.


i am in the exact same mode blair. except i've got kids home for "march break" right now. the walls are closing in. we've gotten a freezing cold snap here and it's even too cold to go out and play. i know it will only be a couple of weeks until it's spring, but it's just not quick enough...

railing here...

Sorry to hear that but right now it is heating up to 90 by tomorrow. TOO SOON!!! That means it will probably be 110 by May 1st.

Thanks Bobbie. It seems like a lot of people are in the same place. Maybe it is the time of year. Hang in there...just a few more days!

And as for you big Sis... the grass is always greener isn't it. Human nature I guess. I would trade the 90 degrees RIGHT NOW.;-)

Yeah Yeah I know it is always greener. You just adapted to hot weather better than I did.

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