Saturday night out

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We picked Daniel up Thursday night late and brought him home. Friday was a quiet day of resting reading and of course, eating. Lots of conversation about school and the challenges of college life, getting to know the quirks of various professors and what their expectations are. I did fall into some old habits like calling him sweetie and bud.

Ah well, old habits die hard but he didn't even seem to mind.

Saturday we went back to Baltimore to pick up Celine to spend a day with her. Plans shifted slightly as she was suffering from an awful cold and it was apparent that gallery hopping would not be a good idea. Opting instead for soup and salad at our house and just chilling, watching the movie Mirror Mask was just the right thing. Both of these art students have been working full bore after all and so "fall break" really needed to be a break. After a low key day of rest we headed north for dinner and to take Celine back to Baltimore. With the chill in the air this will probably be the last time we crave sushi so we headed to our favorite place Sushi Sono.

Here is Daniel and Celine at Sushi Sono.


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