monday curled up with a book

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Monday felt like a good day to chill. I did some work while Sis curled up with a book wrapped in a chenille blanket on our "magic couch". We call it that because it is a big, comfy, soft leather couch that tempts you to sleep if you dare to stretch out on it. Personally I think every house needs at least one piece of furniture like this. Something that you can snuggle to on a cold day, or be soothed by when you are sick. Marta took advantage of the "magic" catching a few zzzz's while reading.

The calm in the house was later broken by a call for help from Daniel. He had exhausted his supply of contact lenses and had thrown out his last pair before realizing it. We had some old prescription lenses stored away (for just such an emergency) so Bryan, Sis and I ran up to Baltimore to the rescue. We found Daniel in front of one of the main buildings at MICA setting up a sculpture assignment on the sidewalk. Somewhat handicapped by his semi-blindness, he still managed to finish set up in prep for a class critique minutes away. We delivered the lenses, gave quick hugs and were off.

Since we were in Baltimore we ended up having a bite at Legal Seafoods. Couldn't resist some raw oysters. YUM.

And what better way to finish off a day then with Bryan's chocolate lava cake.


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