spirit wind or superhero girl; painting day and naked women


I cheated on monday and painted a bit. Somewhat out of character for me but it feels good to break your own rules. I rail against authority most of the time, but when you are your own boss who do you rebel against, yourself?

Anyway, I start off my friday artist date with the typical items. Coffee, blog, and some Sting. The coffee gets the creative juices flowing and prepared me for the unveiling of
naked women on Daniel's blog.


One of the perks of going to a real art school is the experience of drawing the nude figure, something that every self respecting artist needs for a well rounded education.

I know. I did it too. Only my first model was male. And I wasn't prepared either.

So I had to chuckle a little at Daniel's new post because I involuntarily relived a moment from my own experiences while picturing my very modest son faced with this situation and probably having to force down a blush.

But his work is good and so I also have to boast. And I love it that I can get a glimpse of his own journey via blog. What would we do without it?

So now I shift to my own artistic journey and continue with spirit wind, or should I call it super hero girl?

Although, my girl is fully clothed.

Thin places are taking on a new dimension as the larger portal is new, and my girl seems to be flying outside the grid. Hmmm... wonder what frued would have to say about that.

Today, paint in hand I will dive into the portal and see what comes out.

friday morning where she is at



i luff her! spirit wind is beautiful!

Love spirit wind so far. Went to daniel's blog and have to say he is a true artist and I was blown away. He continues to grow and it will be so exciting to see where he goes and the art that he will create.

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