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Good food is not a rarity at our house. I guess the the dinner hour was given ritual status due to the combination of our intentionality as a family to not be over-involved and our love of food. Honestly, until this week I hadn't really reflected on what chain of events, or decisions evolved into a near ritual respect to such a simple thing as dinner. Upon reflection it strikes me as odd that the hyper-consumer culture is what has influenced even the biblical concept of communion turning even that into a fast food. It is intriguing to me that in the interest of bending toward the culture we have thrown out the meat (pardon the pun) of the meaning of "communion". At least we haven't resorted to drive through churches. Yet.

But this week we got to spend some of this ritual time in true communion with friends. Dinner became even more meaningful with the great conversation and honest sharing over some of our favorite dishes, good wine, and yummy desert.

In the pursuit of creative inspiration, comparing similar seasons of life, and an excuse to take a break from work, my good friend Anita came and stayed with us. Rescuing me from thinking too much on how much I missed my son, turning my attention instead to healthier thoughts of the "what next" in our lives, we spent days leisurely chatting, eating, painting, eating and gathering wisdom and inspiration from each other's perspectives. Both of us with our own businesses and able to work and visit made for a unique time. A year of structured small-grouping could not have fostered a better bond than just hanging out together like we did. Although we fully intended on venturing out into the sights of DC neither one was so motivated and before I knew it, time was flying by.

This particular night it was Bryan's london broil that we gathered for.


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