sisters in art: the spirit in unplanned places

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Somewhere I blinked and the time was over. Amazing for this introvert. Most of our time was spent comparing notes on our lives as business owners and mothers with kids just starting college and what/where god is in all of it. There is something to be said for this kind of support especially when some of what life dishes out can (and will) knock you off balance and on your butt. Although we live on two opposite ends of the country, somehow over the years developed (unpredictably) a friendship that connects on some rare levels.

A seriously gifted designer, and gracious early participant (artist) in the planet, Anita is one of those rare people who just gets me without me needing to go into huge explanations (although we did talk non-stop for five days). She had me laughing til crying. She kindly reminded me of one of my ignored mondo beyondo items (getting my work into a gallery before the end of the year-"you know Blair, It IS already september"). And she makes a mean butternut squash soup and asparagus/procuitto appetizer. But we wont talk about the event that almost caused an auto accident(shhhh I promised!) involving her rental PTCruiser and some bad crab salad. Use your imagination. One night we (Bryan, Anita, and I) even got to watch "the worst movie ever made" and laughed our heads off at a mutual friend's expense (sorry Jimmy ;-) Do you smell bleach?

All in all it is a relationship like this that makes you remember what can take place when "two or more are gathered" and how the spirit shows up in unplanned places like your dining room table.

Anita, you are smart and beautiful and I miss you already. Thanks for such an unforgettable time, we have to do it again once you are in france (don't think I won't hold you to your own Mondo Beyondo). I hope the time blessed you as much as it did me.

Love you girl!

Here we are at Union Station, before the sad goodbyes.


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sounds like great fun!

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