a very quiet monday; observing the silence and true quiet

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It is very quiet in the house today. Bryan was busy all weekend recording
Jimi Calhoun and so the house was filled with music, people coming and going to record their portions of the various tracks, emerging from the tiny room that is his studio now and then to chat and laugh. Now all is quiet except for the host of sleepy crickets that have found their way into our house and are chirping as I sit here now. It has been a rare week for me in the amount of extroverted activities and so I am contemplating a low key day. There is work to be done but I am not so motivated and yet I know too much reflection after so much company may launch me into melancholy, or at least missing Daniel. Although the boy called twice over the weekend just to talk which made this mother very happy. Missing typically happens on mondays anyway because after spending time together on the weekends I always miss my husband as he has to go off to work outside of our house. My work takes me no further than my studio downstairs, a mere few steps taken in bare feet. A very short commute. I am used to missing my husband on mondays but the contrast of quiet is even greater today.

I stop my blogging for a moment to send him an icard, something we do to each other on such a regular basis that there are few designs left that we haven't sent. Anyway, I beat him to it this morning. Clicking the send button and hearing the familiar swoosh sound that heralds the email send I am acutely aware of the quiet. Even the acorns from our giant oak tree that were aggressively raining down on our roof yesterday making a horrible racket have slowed down to the occasional "ping".

I like the quiet. Although it is very hard to get to the true quiet (right now there is a plane flying overhead). Somewhere below the surface of all the sounds that we have trained ourselves not to hear is the true quiet. It is very hard to get to. I got to experience it while in the bahamas. While sitting next to still water I actually heard the hum of the motor in my camera. In fact it seemed loud there in the true quiet. I remember even being a bit uncomfortable with it at first.

But now I sit here in this quiet (my hard drive humming at my feet) enjoying the moment.


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ah, the difference between lonliness and solitude. that razor's edge is so sharp for me. being present to the lonliness helps me to break through to the solitude.

i'm hoping for some tomorrow a.m. we'll see if i get it or not...

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