the last french toast and snakes on a plane

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It seems that cooking lessons are cathartic because Daniel was up before us this morning. Apparently Bryan had agreed to teach him how to make french toast today. French toast on a weekend morning has become a ritual for us as a family. As I watched my guys putter around the kitchen (mom is off limits here) it made me way too reflective. Of course I had to share these thoughts with my guys (like when Bryan made me french toast at midnight when I was pregnant). Oh good grief! Honestly I am trying to take this thing in stride but am being ambushed by my own feelings. All morning the more I tried to make light of the move the more I felt worse and realized the words were hollow. The tension just kept building in my chest.

So we ate, and discussed last minute needs, -a new alarm clock.

So we went on a quest to Target for a new clock, and some packing boxes.

Two Targets later, the perfect clock in hand. Now what? What would be the perfect thing for a last outing? Something fun and light, maybe even goofy. So I suggested it.

Snakes On A Plane.

Yes we went and saw it. And it is exactly what the title says.

Snakes On A Plane.

Totally predictable, even trite and maybe that is why it was so good. Bad thriller meets the old airplane movies of the 70's, except it doesn't take itself (as a movie) that seriously. Totally gratuitous, but that is the charm. And who can resist Samuel L. Jackson. It was gross, and we laughed like crazy. If you thought I was too cerebral for such things, I am sorry to disappoint but...

It was the perfect thing.

I am not sure how I will look back on this day, the Sunday before my baby went to college. In the haze of a fond reflective memory I may never be able to make room for...

Snakes On A Plane.

But that is what selective memory is for. And as for today, it sure made me feel better.

Bryan and Daniel making breakfast.


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I know this blog is for your thoughts but how do the other two feel about this whole thing. I would think that Daniel is very laid back about the whole thing as he has always seemed to be so logical about stuff. Everything must feel so different. Not sure I am looking forward to this whole event in my life however my first born son came back and shows no signs of leaving soon so I am sort of hoping second son doesn't respond the same way. We shall see. Good luck Daniel. Bryan and Blair he will return for the holidays and maybe even some laundry.

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