physical exam for college; part 2


Back from the Doc with Daniel. Today was the second half of the physical required to get into MICA. This one was somewhat uneventful (thankfully) with no gruff nurse and no passing out-close-calls at starbucks after. It was a simple exam, blood pressure, say ah, deep breaths, and oh yea...

The Meningitis vaccine.

Ok, I am one to avoid doctors unless something really serious has happened (like profuse bleeding, unconsciousness, or missing parts). But when it comes to something like a relatively new disease that looks like the flu that can kill you in twelve hours...

and seems to target doorm living freshmen...

I am inclined to pay attention. But I am also aware of how some vaccines can have nasty side effects that can be just as bad as the disease. I am not one to run off at the drop of a hat to get a shot just because some doctor announces that it is a good idea. I need a wee more information.

So the choice placed in front of myself as a mother with a son that will be a "dorm living freshmen" in a few weeks was: shot or no shot (you can sign a waiver). After two medical professionals recommended it, plus a whole lot of reading, and a discussion with Daniel (who's decision it is anyway) that went something like this...

"What do you think" (me)

"Well, I really don't want to be at school and get the flu, and be paranoid that I might die in the next twelve hours just because I didn't want to get a shot." (daniel)

Makes total sense. And after finding out that the vaccine is "pretty benign" (doctors words) with no side effects, it made even more sense.

So Daniel got the shot.

One more thing off the list that paves the path to college. What a journey this is. But I have to say that while watching the doc doing Daniel's physical I was reminded at how profound and blessed it is to be healthy. Doc went through all of his scores, one by one. I guess seeing information laid out like that, piece by piece makes you reflect a little more. He is in perfect health (I think he is a little skinny but ah well). I guess the old cliche about health is true, and today I was reminded that it is a gift not to be taken for granted. And as a parent what could be better.

I have a strong healthy son who is going off to college.

I am blessed.


a strong healthy son who is (an amazing artist, writer & poet) and is going off to college! :)

you must be so proud!

i would love it if you blogged on some of your best insights in raising a unique, spiritual, creative son. mine is 8 and i can't imagine that in the next 10 years i'm going to have to say goodbye. choices you made, freedoms you gave, boundaries you chose, etc. i have very few role models who haven't squelched the life out of their teens and we want to choose a different path.

I am very proud, but mostly from a place of wonder, like "how did we manage to get here?". I am humbled by even remotely being considered a role model but I have considered blogging on the past simply because I keep having flashbacks. As we step into this transition I find that I am thinking more and more about times when Daniel was little. I think that I will have to blog these moments as a part of the process of letting go. I never used to think about the past but it will probably haunt me until I put it on the page! Whether it will be useful info or a lonely mother's rant... hopefully not the latter.;-)

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