ex nihilo


I finished the first attempt at expressionism-canvas (which I don't really like and may paint over) on saturday morning. I immediately started another. I was working the first one too hard and felt the need to loosen up even further. This second one was more successful doing that. Appropriately it is about conception, birth, or new beginnings...

ex nihilo (latin. out of nothing)

This is a term Bryan brought up at breakfast one morning and we bantered it about in relation to a name for the artist's retreat. The whole term, Creatio ex nihilo is a latin phrase meaning "creation out of nothing" which refers to god's absolute creation.

ex nihilo (latin. out of nothing)

I like the term and what it means and it was on my mind when I painted this on Saturday. The canvas is 36 x 36.


here is its beginning. Bryan is doing some video editing in the background.



i love it - the painting and the name for your mondo!!

going in a great direction, love this, but I almost like the beginning as is. It reminds me of the Cistine Chapel God reaching out to Adam. It is so interesting the different things that we see in art

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