departure from thin places

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Today's break from work (my artist's date) started with a visit with friend Betsy and the "world's cutest baby" Ian who I am now kickin myself for not taking a picture so you will have to go here to see him. Besty was kind enough to bring cheesecake from the Amish market and I made cappuccino and we chatted while "world's cutest played content with NO TOYS other than an ornamental trike from my coffee table and a set of coasters that made good teethers. Cheesecake for brunch is the perfect thing for an artist date, let me tell you. It put me in the perfect "what the hell" frame of mind in order to try something that my kid suggested.

One evening while we were at Macaroni Grill and I was sketching a jewelry design on the table with a purple crayon he asked, "Why don't you paint like that?"

I never thought of it.

So at the encouragement of my abstract expressionist son, I am attempting a new expression. Actually it is not completely new because if you saw my jewelry you would see a similarity, but it is a new expression with paint.

I have no idea what I am doing but the point of this is following instinct instead of intellect. At any rate it will get me out of the "thin place" style that I seized up on.


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Absolutely awsome your son is a genius and I totally agree with him. Of course being an abstract lover this fills me with goose bumps. I love your thin places and would love to own one but I think that this may lead to a huge change in thinking and style for you. IT IS A GOOD THING.

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