creating an artist retreat; like planting a church

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This summer's activities are in various form. On top of keeping the planet spinning, creating new works and uploading that of our 34 artists, I am also helping Daniel edit and design his book (isn't it cool he asked for his mom's help) which is a pleasure, of course. But while juggling these wonderful things I am also working on the mondo. Of course I am not talking about my whole mondo list, just the biggest item on it... the creation of the artist's retreat. Can't let any dust settle on this baby. So I am starting to formulate what hopefully will look like a business plan when I am through. Research and choice is where we are at. Striking a balance of what the ultimate desire would be with what is possible. So it begins, the choosing process.

It is amazing what you find when you actually start looking. Artist communities have actually been around for a very long time, I just never really looked into it. Silly me, I just decide I am going to create one before checking that they actually exist. But they do, and there is much to be learned. In my research I have been encouraged to find a few very basic common factors among these artist retreats.

1. Solitude-uninterrupted time.
2. An inspiring natural location.
3. Good facilities in which to work.

The great thing is I already knew this at a gut level because, frankly, as an artist it's the stuff that I need. So I go rushing ahead running on instinct (which can be dangerous) and buy a beach (okay, I actually researched that like crazy too, just not with all the artist retreat info in hand) It is really nice to know that my research just happens to be backing up my instinct (phew!) Buying the beach seems to take care of the first two items on the list. At least the second one. Creating spaces that inspire artists and providing good studio space will be the next HUGE piece to making this thing fly. And it means jostling with and jumping through all the legal hoops in the bahamas. Right now that seems like a big huge bite off the elephant. But so did buying a beach a few months ago. For me, if I were to try to eat the whole thing at once... ok you probably get the metaphor. The point is, one step at a time.

One very exciting step at a time.

I have also been very encouraged by the fact that these Artist communities come in all shapes and sizes. First I got intimidated by reading about those on huge acreages (because we have only bought a little over an acre) but continued research revealed that (ok I can't resist) size doesn't matter. What does matter is tone, vibe, ambiance, and support.

I can do that. Actually I am really good at the first three (creating space). The last one is where I will need some help. Being an introvert doesn't play well into the social aspect of this thing, and pushes me out of my comfort zone. But it is also where my heart is at (which is strange), encouraging other artists in their art.

Maybe it will just take getting the first group in there and watching what happens.


kinda like planting a church.

without the hymns.

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yipee! you are a pioneer blair! plant on!! your mondo is in my prayers!

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