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"I wrote the last word last night", was what Daniel said to me this morning. A big grin on his face and a very satisfied expression.

"Really? for real, your finished?"


For the last several years Daniel has been writing a story (the word story just doesn't cut it but that is the best I can do). It began as one epic and while sloshing through plot revisions and such a second story emerged that took on a life of its own. This second novel began about a year and a half ago. And today it is finished.

And it is really awesome.

Of all of my son's apparent interests and talent, I think his writing is the most profound and powerful gift that he has. Writing has been a constant for him since he was about 10. He started writing a column for a magazine that I was designing for and every month he submitted a very cool little article about science or art from a kid's perspective. It was called Kid's Korner and he did that for about six years. What a great experience that was.

Anyway, "the novel" (the first one) has followed us from middle school through high school. The big question was, "will he finish this new story before he goes off to college?"

Having faith in this work, Bryan and I did not impose a traditional "go out and get a summer job" attitude towards Daniel. We have encouraged this gift for a very long time and I haven't blogged on this story or the journey of it because it didn't seem appropriate. Mom imposing expectations and all that. But Daniel proved extremely disciplined in his pursuit of the finished product. His daily writing schedule divided into three parts, Bryan and I watched as he produced page after page. Each morning he would email me the latest pages and I would anxiously await the next part of the story (because, frankly I was hooked). And today I got the last pages. So we celebrate an amazing personal accomplishment for Daniel. His first real manuscript.

It is called "Children of Falin".

It is an allegory of the ancient church set in the future.

It is 453 pages long.

It is very very cool. (ok big time mommy bragging rights here)! I will see if he will let me post an excerpt or two here on my blog.

Of course now comes editing and proofing and all of that, and then the very big question of how/where/who do we get to publish it.

Congrats Daniel!! You are amazing!


Congrats Daniel, really glad you finished it can't wait to read it. Please don't keep it to yourself for too long. I know editing can take awhile. I anxiously await the final product.
Aunt Marta
P.S. Congrats MOM for allowing him to nurture his talent, the world will be a better place for it.

this is so great blair! he sounds like such an amazing kid - it must feel so incredible to have parented him to such a place in his life!

i LOVE fantasy! i will be willing to proof-read for free (so i can read it in advance!!) i've done a couple other books that have been published, mostly non-fiction, but would be willing to help if it was wanted.

i don't know what type of audience he's looking for, but i have found a lot of publishing houses won't take unsolicited manuscripts. you either need an agent (or to know someone) or submit them to clearinghouses.

Bobbie, thanks! I have looked into a few publishing houses that say that they take unsolicited manuscripts, but even if we went that way it probably makes sense to get an agent. We are leaning heavily toward self-publishing. Since this is his first one and he really wants to maintain creative control we are looking at Booksurge.

Your offer of proofreading is a very generous one. Thank you. I will tell Daniel and let you know.

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