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Other than scouting for artist retreat land, my other objective for this trip was photographing the culture, people, and sites for a book. An art form that is distinctly bahamian is strawcraft and Presley's wife Ora, and her sister Dyllis are skilled weavers. Before our arrival I had asked Presley to see if his wife wouldn't mind showing me some pieces and perhaps allowing me to photograph some swatches for the book. It just so happened that the previous week all of the weavers on the island had sent their work to Nassau for a show and it had all just come back and ALL of it just happened to be at Presley's house.

Talk about timing.

And if that wasn't enough, Ora and Dyllis wove me swatches on the spot of the various patterns. Names like "peas and rice", "fish pot", and "sour sop".



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