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After a while, the rain died down a little and we decided to head toward the realty office in search of Jimmy and our contract. Daniel elected to stay in his cabin (on a creative writing roll). As we drove south along the main road we were glad that we chose land on the atlantic side on a hill. With so much rain, some of the other properties that we had viewed were under water. Earlier in the week what had been such a tough choice seem like such an obvious one now.

We made it to Jimmy's office and his assistant went across the street (at a little grocery store) to get him. He had said that he was considering coming to us later in the day and that one way or another we would connect. Island time.

I looked over the contract.

And signed.

With that signing opened a door to a whole new mondo beyondo list. It is a glorious list that will follow in the next few years as plans evolve and hurdles are jumped (cuz I know there are going to be lots of those).

But in ten days we got...

• Our land for the artist's retreat
• a builder-Damien
• a bahamian architect-Turnquist
• an architect and landscape architect that understand our dream

and a whole lot of friends on an island that I can't wait to get back to. And friends from other places too.

What a wild ride.

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