church on the island

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On sunday Presley invited us to his church. Another timing thing as this was the sunday that all of the churches (at least the baptist ones) got together to take communion. I figured that meant a whole lot of people and we could sort of blend in.


The little church probably held fifty people, and being the only white americans there was no blending. And what a welcome we got. We were recognized and verbally welcomed from the pulpit, and after a very fire and brimstone-like sermon (which scared Daniel right out of the building) each pastor came up to us afterward to introduce themselves wished us many blessings and wanted to know when we were coming back. The sermon reflected the fact that there had been a funeral the day before, and on such a small island everyone was mindful of it.

Here a little girl peeks at me from a few rows up.


After church we were invited to Presley's for dinner. Ora had cooked an amazing meal of peas-and-rice, mutton and crab. We sat and chatted over the tv which Presley said they never turned off (seriously 24-7). I guess seeing tv come to the island in his lifetime makes it still pretty novel.

Presley and Ora's two children, Annee and TJ.


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