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Back at my desk and the post trip letdown has hit me. I totally expected it but it still feels crappy. It is the ebb and flow of living. The excitement and wonder of our bahama adventure is now bookended by sitting at my desk coursing through the necessary mundane tasks that make such dreams possible. The yin and yang of it. It is always a challenge at this point to be truly productive and focus. The big temptation is to sit and stare at pictures for hours on end. Doing that will get us no closer to the next phase of the dream though. Instead it must propel and motivate me forward.

Well, that sounds nice anyway.

I am researching the next part and sometimes I forget that the research is a valuable piece of the puzzle. Although it seems like a big time-waster because there is no tangible result that I can check off a list somewhere. I have this weird tendency to overlook what has been accomplished when overwhelmed by daily stuff.

Silly isn't it.

Oh yea, it's tuesday.

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