5 weeks from today; a re-orientation

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Got the letter today.

The letter from MICA that informs us of Daniel's housing assignment. He moves into his apartment exactly 5 weeks from today. Reading the letter made me weak in the knees. Strange feeling. Exciting, scary.

I guess this little transition is going t o be harder than I thought.

Anyway, it was good news as he shares a four bedroom apartment with three other guys (they each get their own room thankfully). I registered him the second he got accepted because separate rooms were on a first-come first-serve basis. Daniel would go buggy if he had to share a room(that sounds like we have really spoiled him or something, but reality is he is an only child in a house of introverts-do the math). So he has apartment mates. That he can handle. One from OH, one is from PA, and one is from Istanbul. Cool. The letter talked about move-in procedures and orientation.

It sounds so much like summer camp.

Orientation. Orientation for the new students.

Re-orientation for parents. Or is it dis-orientation.

We will see.

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How exciting, however the shock won't set in until about the 2nd or 3rd day he is gone and then expect a bigger phone bill for awhile. He will go great and I am sure you will find all kinds of ways to fill your time. Hang in there.

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