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With Bryan's parents visiting, we thought it appropriate to set foot inside a church on a sunday. We still are sorting through our own convictions on the state of the Church at this point in time, so the act of going was less about worship and more about honoring our parents. For them, even when they are traveling, the act of stepping inside a church on sunday is a form of worship. Although I don't share that conviction, I can respect it and honor it. So for one day we were church goers again. And we went to a place where some friends work very hard at a refurbished ministry. It was good to see friends. And I think it was good to be in that setting again.

Not, because there was a spiritual tug or discernible conviction that I should be going back.

Not, because there was a "blessed moment" that made me yearn for our days in ministry.

I had neither of those things. I think it was good to be in that setting again to be reminded why we left. That may sound negative, but it is not. Our journey as a family has been a very mobile one. That spiritual mobility has afforded us some incredible growth. That growth could not have happened without the leaving. It has been a modern day pilgrimage. Like the pilgrimages of old, we have stepped into the unknowns and found truth. I personally have seen life again, and it makes me ask the question.

What patterns, traditions, or doctrines do you practice that stunts your growth?

The question is probably impossible to answer while inside those patterns, traditions and doctrines because when you are on the inside looking out, all seems fine. But if forced to look in from the outside the question might make more sense.

What I continue to ponder is...

What is the purpose of the church today? What was the original intended purpose of the gathering of believers? How big is the gap between the answers of those two questions?

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we too have experienced much of this journey. while we are attending church it is so different than the church of our background and we're really intent on participating for our kids. at 8 & 10 they have a deep abiding love for it and the structure it provides our lives.

we on the other hand can come and go like we have never allowed ourselves to before - but the marjority of our worship and spiritual lives exists far from church headquarters.

i think that the institutional church still exists for what it thinks is important - indoctrination - what they aren't catching is the fact that most of us with access to technology get far better teaching outside the church than they could ever offer.

worship has also become a sensory experience - it's not just about singing hymns together anymore. the ocean's crashing waves or the forest dripping with dew is a much more moving cathedral than they could ever provide.

if they don't start to realize the real "commodity" they have to offer is community and acceptance they find their purpose-driven edifices empty ghost towns.

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