I have lots and lots of deep thoughts about this day, most of all, how very proud I am of the man our son has become and all that this milestone represents. But for this exhausted mom these thoughts are mostly jumbled in my head along with the very intense emotions that accompany them. I want to sort them out on blog later, but for now... just the pictures should say it all.

Even from a distance Daniel was pretty easy to spot.


A hug from the beloved Mrs. Goodman, Blake's principal.


Making his way across the stage.


Or vantage point at Constitution Hall. My zoom could hardly handle it.


Diploma in hand!!


Such a proud moment. Not to mention the one, and only time you will ever see Daniel wearing a tie!



Congrats to Daniel and the whole Anderson clan. Looks like a good time. I grauduated from Constitution Hall also. Free from the shadows of oppression!!! Blake that is, not Blair and Bryan...

How very wonderful. Congratulations.

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