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We go back in a few days. Although the forecast is supposed to be rain and more rain I don't care. I am anxious to see what Presley has found for us on his little island. Anxious, scared, excited. Insane. It is interesting that when you get right up against something that you have run towards full-steam no-doubt headlong into with hope and anticipation that you can suddenly come to a dead stop and wonder what the hell you are doing. That is the kind of weird electricity that is coursing through me right now. But that is the true nature of any MONDO BEYONDO thing isn't it? Taking a risk is what makes it BEYONDO. And therefore, worth doing. So here I sit doing my work with fits and starts because I can't stop thinking about sand in between my toes. I thought blogging might help. Hmmm... not so much.

My great desire is that two weeks from now I will be able to report that we have secured a tiny piece of paradise for the artist's retreat. Imagine that. But for now I keep wondering about something I have yet to see... is the property right, is the marina too close, is the beach good, is the road too close, is the owner going to want to sell??? If it is all wrong how crushing will the disappointment be? What if it is absolutely perfect and everything goes without a hitch?

Crazy isn't it? Crazy, scary, exciting...

mondo beyondo.


We should all MONDO BEYONDO! The world would be a much better place. Have fun

Yipee! Sounds so incredibly exciting - at least enjoy the trip, even if it's not this piece of property - maybe it will lead to the one that is. Mondo Beyondo indeed! You inspire me to dream Blair! How fun!

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