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Ok, so friday turned out to be good after I finally picked up a brush. I was reminded of Julia Cameron's admonishing of just showing up to the page, or in my case, the canvas, and the rest will take care of itself. It is so hard not to let the rest of life's responsibilities drown out what we are often, divinely designated to do. But thanks to my very wise older sister I was reminded that "there will ALWAYS be undone chores, and I mean forever." I think I need that printed on a t-shirt. Anyway I listened to the wise advice and so I managed to paint some on friday, and on saturday. Here is "formation" at about three quarters done. Thanks big sis!



Bravo!!! It is looking wonderful.

you are so gifted blair - it's beautiful! i love that you show the work in progress and not just "finished, ta da!"

Thanks Heidi! I think showing the process has become some sort of weird discipline for me. I used to be protective of unfinished artwork. I think it is because I got so much satisfaction from the approval of others that showing something unfinished risked that. It has taken years to get to the point where I don't care so much about what someone else might think. It is very freeing. I am still very closure driven, but I think I enjoy the process more now than any other time in my life to this point.

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