day 2 weighing our options

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After a somewhat confusing and disappointing day we wrestled with the things that we had learned. Conflicting stories were surrounding the piece of land that we had pinned our hopes on and so we discussed how much of a risk we wanted to take, and if the property was even worth it.

We would sleep on it.

The next day at breakfast another Bahamian man and Presley came into the dining lodge. He introduced himself as a local realtor and friend of Presley's. Presley had apparently lost sleep the night before due to the miscommunication regarding "our land" and the possibility of the title being in dispute. So he brought "Jimmy" to give us some more info.

"Steer clear", was basically the gist of the conversation. This was really tough because at this point it was hard to know who to believe. Everyone seemed to have a different story, and yet at no time did I feel that anyone was being deceptive. Did the realtors on the island want to stop people from buying directly from the original owners so that they could scoop up all the land and double the price? Even if that was true, in our situation it didn't matter much because the land owner had already hiked the price.

I was disappointed, confused, but also had no intention of giving up. Explaining more of our situation to Jimmy we asked him if he had anything that he knew about that fit our price range, criteria, etc.


We agreed to meet again in a few hours and he would show us what he had.

You have to understand that my criteria were pretty specific. And our budget was laughable considering the normal buyer that was scouring the island at the time. But we were upfront with Jimmy and he listened (without laughing).

One criteria we needed to consider was which side of the island to be on. Everyone was hot on the caribbean side, and so were we. Jimmy had something on the atlantic that we began to consider.


Even though we were so stuck on the otherside, I kept having a positive reaction to the atlantic side. There was good and bad, but frankly, I just loved the view on the atlantic. Higher elevation, more waves, and a view that changed from day to day seemed more inspiring than the constant calm and blue on the other. But we had come to the island determined to buy on the caribbean side.

Maybe it was time to rethink that.


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Smart move I think the ocean colors are tremendous on the atlantic side and who wants to look at a fish factory. Not to mention if the wind is wrong YEW! Can't wait to see more pics.

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