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No artist date today. My normal routine is to take off friday and do something creatively enriching ala the advice of Julia Cameron but today I am playing catchup. Boring tasks to keep my little planet spinning before running off with the family for another photo shoot trip/vacation. This trip is multifaceted in that I am also looking to check off item number two on my MONDO BEYONDO list for 2006. Scouting a piece of paradise for a potential artist retreat. It is this kind of thing that I think some people just don't consider a possibility for their lives and so don't even try. I love possibility. I have also fallen on my face a number of times attempting something that seemed out of reach in the realm of accomplishment. But other times I have actually succeeded. And there is a rush. But most of these crazy ideas are just that...CRAZY ideas that don't line up to anything practical.

And I love that.

And I have taken my family on this wild ride once or twice and they don't seem to mind.

What fun.

So, several days from now I will hopefully have some underwater photos of fishies, and more info on my pipe dream. I also hope to get some r and r because frankly the last several weeks have been filled with a lot of the kind of administrative work that really wears me out. Feeling a bit out of the old creative balance.

Like a top that is on the end of its spin.

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woo hoo, enjoy the sun and surf!! r&r is a good, good thing.

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