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the romance of email, no movie moment


I must be a little old fashioned, but I was mildly disappointed when we got a forwarded email from the University of Maryland via Daniel that said this...

You have been admitted for the Fall 2006 semester to the University of Maryland! Welcome to the class of 2010.

I wasn't disappointed by the news of course, but by the vehicle. Silly isn't it? I was picturing the letter arriving in the mail and us standing by while Daniel dramatically ripped open the envelope to reveal what might be his future. You know, the movie moment.

Instead we got an email. Forwarded by our son.

Bryan and I were sitting on the couch watching the olympics at the time (Bryan's laptop glued to his lap as always) when we heard the familiar email beep. We read it and then went downstairs to Daniel's room and tapped on his door. We opened his door and he turned to us and smiled.

Ok, I guess that works as a movie moment too.

Congrats Daniel! We are sooooo proud of you!

painting day friday

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sloppy but soooo inspiring.


"Drum Circle" in progress.


what to send

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High gear today and wouldn't you know it. Not enough time for everything buzzing in my head which if you have read my typical tuesday posts it is...well atypical. Maybe it is because yesterday was a snow day that the rhythm is off. Today is in a good way.

I have to decide on something that I don't know about. Emerging Women Leaders (or whatever that has become or fractioned into) is doing a publication (calling it a journal) and was asking for submissions from some of those of us who had been involved in the past in whatever form. Although I initially sort of salivated at the idea of submitting an article (some sort of ego induced maniacal idea because although I can write, so many of these women really WRITE which means they are GOOD and have something to say.) I am shying away from the idea of including my written 2 cents in favor of an artwork submission. It is what I really do after all. Hmmm. thinking. Of all the digital stuff I have done I keep landing on Dancing in Thin Places, or Sisterhood because their content just fits the intention for the publication. That means opening my fist and setting them free for the sake of print and that is my dilemma.

My gut says yes. I don't know the format of the publication but I do know it is in full color and that is key. If the purpose of the publication is to encourage women in ministry the last thing they need is another rant, but maybe an image that inspires.

Hmmm... what to do.

I need to go eat my lunch and take a walk.

winter jewels

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Rubbing monday morning sleep out of my eyes I exit our bedroom and round the corner of the dining room to see that nature has outdone herself again. My breath is taken away by a bank of icicles that frame our kitchen/dining window.



painting again!

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The muse ambushed me sunday afternoon. After totally ignoring her for several fridays due to what I am deeming as motherhood obligations, she retaliated. And she insisted on returning to thin places. So I began a piece called Drum Circle. Inspired by an amazing percussionist/friend, Sherri, it celebrates the female connection in drum circle.


breakfast with a view

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Sunday morning french toast was accompanied by an amazing view out our kitchen window. Although we were included in the mid-atlantic dump, we still have power which just a few miles north of us do not.

What a beautiful morning.


shooting slides

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Ok so the race to the college application deadline is almost done. In fact, come February 15th you will hear a big collective sigh of relief from this house. The MICA app includes a portfolio in the format of slides(which I think is a little silly in this digital age, but oh well). So We manage to jam all of Daniels work into our Sebring and haul it off to be photographed.

I just think it is a crackup that this particular piece (called heart) has the same color and sculptural elements as Daniel's clothes! Chains and all.


It is a little weird and a bit of a deja vu. So many moments through the years have been in the production or presentation of artwork, mine. Going through some of this process with Daniel is so wild. And I have to say we have always been a little over the top when it comes to detail, but that has always been a fun sort of challenge.

One down..ten to go...


proposed addition


Chiseling away at my mondo beyondo list included meeting with some nice folk about adding a garage onto our house. Although the acorn damage was already done to our car in our first year here, we have still hoped to shelter it eventually. So I meet with contractor and architect to figure out what is possible, and what is affordable, which seem diametrically opposed. Although this is the first pass at the design, we had to lop off the back corner at an angle to parallel our property line.

Getting the quote just about knocked the wind out of me as the cost for this addition is more than double what we paid for our house in florida. Upon receiving the "figure" whilst sitting with the two gents presenting it to me, I stiffled the OMG reflex on the outside and skipped to the next figure of "oh, it will only take you three months to build it, isn't that nice". On the inside I am desperately trying to figure out how to tell these fellas that a serious budget adjustment must occur. Back peddling a little I begin to ask questions to see what incremental options might there be like building a shell only and allowing my oh-so-handy husband and I to do the finishing. More quotes and research to follow. As I am typing this I am interrupted by a phone call from another company that is working up an estimate. Ug. It is going to be a loooooong process.


taste of morocco

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Daniel turned 18 this Saturday and the three of us scooted off to a new restaurant. Taste of Morocco. Food was amazing. Belly dancing was also on the menu. Apparently bald heads attracts the veils as Bryan was the only man in the room that ended up with one on his head. Daniel wasn't ignored though as he was invited to dance with the belly dancer which raised some applause from the other diners. I captured the moment on video that I hope to put up soon. What fun! Birthday party with friends and not just boring parents will happen next week.




After dinner we were off to a unique performance at UMD. Live performance of dance was incorporated with digital elements from two locations via remote. We missed the first part of the show (thanks to the belly dancer!) but managed to catch "fire" and "water". Very cool.

photos of ELEMENTS here

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