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Saturday date with hubby after being away from him last weekend turned out to be one of those perfect discovery days. The morning started out by having all the necessary saturday components...

sleeping in.
sex...(ok too much info for a blog. la la la la...)
going out for lunch and discovering this charming/eclectic deli buzzing with people with great food and...


...all the pickles you can eat. Not that I have ever really had a desire to eat copious amounts of pickles but the notion of a "pickle bar" with barrels filled with pickles that you could just help yourself to was just one of those things that make you smile. There was a barrel of garlic pickles, vinegar spears, pickled tomatoes, butter pickles, and a couple of other kinds I can't recall. Bryan and I got a kick out of watching kids hauling the little plates heaped with pickles back to their tables. Bryan and I each joined in and I have to say, the garlic pickles were the best.

Hmmm...Dr. Freud might have a comment or two.

Ah well.




and the other, oh so wonderful discovery was at one of our favorite discount places, Home Goods. We have been known to poke around all the trash and treasures there and find goodies that suit our house. Such was the case today.

A new cappuccino machine.

What a wonderful find it was too. A 600.00+ machine for 175 bucks was just perfect. The fact that our existing machine has been spitting and sputtering and on its last leg for about a month had sent Bryan on a hunt for its replacement. The cap machine is a very important appliance in our house. We don't just drag it out for company like the fondue maker, no. It gets used by each of us every day, and sometimes multiple times. Other than the fridge it is the most used appliance in our house. So when it started to act up that was cause for alarm. So the timing of finding this new one was perfect.

And it is so hip.

It is orange. Goes really well with our purple kitchen.

Too cool.

Pickles and cappuccino. What a perfect day.


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