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Ok, I worked until two today but my desk still looks like it was hit by the perfect storm. I finally stopped the madness to meet with the muse who had almost given up on me entirely. Can you blame her? After all I have stood her up for our regular friday date six weeks in a row. So today we met and renegotiated creativity, she smacked me upside the head and let me know that working too much does not an artist make and I humbly apologized. So at two oclock I put on some music, moved the current painting (sisterhood) out of the way as it was producing a block and squeezed out some paint.

Although it isn't really how I feel at the moment, I had done a sketch that dealt with the idea of mourning and because it required a complete shift in gears regarding color scheme, it seemed the right thing for creative block.

Brush in hand, music full blast, I painted until my arm hurt. I think my muse and I are friends again.

It's a start.


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