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I promised the muse that we would spend some time today, after a few chores are done. Content creation for the planet is my biggest thing right now. All the other hats I have been wearing lately have taken so much time. Authored a couple of articles that I hope get web-published and need to do more. They speak to the nature of the artist in the church culture outside of the team-building, serve the pastor, church model and focus on what potential there is when artists are given their voice without restriction. Other hats include working on new marketing strategy revolving around the web. We have hardly tapped into this and so I spent a day learning about meta tags. And the bookkeeping, my least favorite hat, is a little messy (OK really messy) right now. It will have to wait until monday. I have one shirt to iron, a little laundry to fold, filing, mail, and I haven't even brushed my teeth yet....but by noon I will be painting. I promised the muse.

finishing this series this morning for the planet.

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