Ok, it is just too weird. I just found out via the Daily Show...

Pat Robertson went commercial with an "Age Defying Diet Shake".

There are no words.

Well maybe a few.

Like non-profit? or tax-exempt? Misrepresentation? Breaking the law?

Or at the very least, Really BAD taste. And I am not referring to the shake.



Okay, of the many celebrities who might be held up as a success story at 'age defying' anything - Pat Robertson?? Do you imagine he appears in the commercials, or is merely the brains of the operation?

Have you seen him lately? He shakes!

Apparently he has been touting some formula for years on the 700 club, but now has partnered with GNC to sell it as a product. A questionable move for someone who resides under the umbrella of non-profit. And then there is the "age defying thing". sheesh! I just can't believe he is respected in any christian circles at all. Maybe someone should just, "take him out" ;-)

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