the beauty of concrete


Remember this?


Now it looks like this.


Detail with inlaid ammonite.


One of the seams and the leaf impression that crosses over it.


And so the ongoing project that is the anderson house continues. Next concrete project is the top of the island around the cooktop. What fun.


WOW! Looks great. Did you use metal flashing to place between for the seams? And what color is it, on my screen it looks very dark. Also how thick is it? It looks about 3 or 4 inches thick. So many questions. When are you coming to my house?
Big Sis

Big Sis,

Yes, metal flashing to divide the sections(there is a trick to this). The acid stain is actually black but it has never come out that way, mostly dark grey-brown. Thickness is 2.5" by using 1x3s (which aren't 3) for constructing the mold. But much thicker than the average countertop. I like the thickness.

Blair: How did you guys do this? It's AWESOME! Aaron and I were thinking of making a concrete countertop, but there's so many different resources out there... very overwhelming. I like the thickness, decorative imprints and curvy seams of yours. Please let me know how you learned to do this. Thanks!

Also: are your cabinets IKEA? I heard there's an IKEA in the DC area... so jealous! :)

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