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I can't believe that one week from today we will be on our trip, the trip I have dreamed about, hoped for, worked for and planned for since sitting in high school freshmen french class. And to boot I get to go with my two most favorite people in the world who were not part of the picture in freshmen french, my husband and son.

Somebody pinch me.

Thankfully, all of the little details are falling into place, like much needed shoes for Daniel and more importantly news that Bryan's passport will arrive on time. That little detail was a special source of anxiety. Thanks to Bryan making multiple calls to Toronto (he's canadian) he finally got a straight answer about his passport status and which particular black hole it was stuck in.

The last few weeks have been magic as each day brought in the mail something travel oriented. Eurail passes, museum passes, bus passes, camera gear, luggage accessories, and on an on. Suffice it to say that someone who didn't know me upon entering my living room may have assumed that I was addicted to QVC because of all the boxes. Ok maybe that is overstating it a bit but due to the nature of the trip (that is, 50% work and 50% leisure) we have invested in some major gear for my business. One item in particular will send avisualplanet.com in a new and suprising direction.

a Sony HD video camera.

The choice to go high-def was my husbands wise idea. Always with his finger on the bleeding edge of technology, I have trusted his direction in this realm of my business from day one. From buying my first camera years ago to the new compact (fit in my backpack) tripod that arrived yesterday, he has not failed me yet in making the smartest choices on gear. Of course this new hi-def camera is probably not going to be in my hands most of the trip. While in conversation yesterday he slipped and called it "my camera" and so I suspect that the bulk of filming will be done by him. This actually gives me great joy because although this business has been a fifty-fifty thing all of the "creative" work has been mine while he keeps the nuts and bolts of the site running. Now he can join me on the creative side.

And when you plan on running a business while globe trotting another handy item to have is a sidekick. This among other little gadgets and gismos (ipod,laptop, etc) makes me feel like I have stepped smack in the middle of a star trek episode. We are literally a multimedia studio packed into three backpacks. Entirely mobile and still able to do customer service in a second thanks to satellite connection. It's awesome.

Ok now I sound like a total gizhead. I have never been a gadget hound, always viewing these items as nice practical convieniences, I have since been converted. I have fallen in love with my photo ipod (it plays music not just hold photos!) and I think my new tiny motorola phone is sexy.

What can i say. When I fall, I fall hard.


This is so exciting - I hope you have a great trip, full of laughter and partnering, beauty and presence, and perhaps a few tears. What a world, what a life.

hope the trip is rich and wonder-filled. look forward to connecting when you return!

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