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This night we were treated to an amazing dinner with friends (related) Don and Penny Enarson at the Au Pied de Cachon (pig's foot). We had such a great time. Don and Penny have lived in paris for fifteen years and work with the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease in which Don is the Scientific director. We were lucky enough to catch them in a break from their outragiously busy travel schedule. They ordered the cocktails (kir, very yummy) and selected the wines and we had a fantastic 3 course french meal complete with sea snails, and crepe suzette for dessert. Penny even showed me the proper french way to hold my fork (left hand, face down). Conversation was lively with these two interesting people and I will be forever gratetful for the wonderful time they showed us and the suggestion to go to Chartres which we did several days later.


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