painting day?


I sort of cheated this week and painted yesterday, but that doesn't necessarily take the joy out of painting today. The third painting in what has unintentionally become a series dealing with my "thin places" is almost finished. This one expresses my seasons of motherhood. But on this spring friday I am torn because my studio looks like a cyclone hit it. So the conflict of cleaning versus painting ensues. What will win? Responsibility or creativity?



Blair - I just posted a dream about giving birth. This creation of yours brings me to tears. Wow. Are you painting the feminine face of God here?


what a profound dream strong with such beautiful metaphor. It reminded me of my own labor. Vivid. Your question about the feminine face of god is an interesting one. I just ordered a book of a artist/photographer interpretation of Shekhina(hebrew concept of the feminine side of god) so there may be something to that unconsciencely. Although my painting originally came from a deep personal sense of my journey as a mother, I am often swept away by what god shows me about the divine character while I am painting. Like showing me what I should paint when I didn't first intend it. It has become a real form of worship and vehicle of spiritual formation for me. When it is finished I will post what the painting says for me, but I relish the idea that it could have a different voice depending on who views it.

oh - that sounds like what Madeleine L'Engle calls 'serving the work'. I look forward to hearing more, and learning about motherhood at your stage, one I am not at yet. It is a vivid painting.

blair, i realized this is the third painting, and i have seen two... dancing and motherhood, where is the other? i am hooked! (gushing;)

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