good thing about the flu

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There is an upside to having the flu. It is the euphoric feeling you get the moment that the nasty little bug gives up the ghost and leaves your body. I am reminded how wonderful it is to be healthy and vow to myself not to ever take it for granted (which in my humanness will probably last about two days). Having flown while still plagued by the bug I am still left with clogged ears a week later which makes it impossible for me to hear anything outside of my head if I am eating something crunchy. Everything still sounds like I am underwater, but that really doesn't effect my energy level and so I can finally work again and not feel like I have giant lead weights strapped to my body.

What a relief.

To top that we are actually experiencing some warm, spring-like weather. This adds to my overall sense of giddiness, as I am really a warm weather person and Maryland winters have conditioned me to go into hibernation at temperatures below 60 degrees. So today I am slightly conflicted because I am finally healthy enough to get some work done, but all I want to do is go out and play! At least I can view the sunshine out my windows from my desk.

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