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I have been highly anticipating today after a week of business/busy-ness. Today is friday, my weekly artist date and I am going to make the most of it. So here is what is on the wish list of things to do (attempt time permitting):

I will be putting the final touches on my mothernood piece. And I have another blank canvas waiting to hit the easel which makes me very happy (I have stopped stretching my own thanks to a neighborhood art store having a big sale-I stocked up). Yes the altruistic "must stretch my own" attitude went out the window when I saw the fifty percent-off sale signs.

I also have a little gardening to do. I put in my herbs last weekend and am greedily eyeing another section of dirt that could use some herbs. Hey, the more I plant, the more Bryan cooks.

I am also thinking about finishing a chunk of countertop for our kitchen. Our ongoing remodling of this house involves several unconventional projects. Unconventional because Bryan and I just like to try stuff. One of those things was to sculpt/pour a countertop out of concrete. This project I did on my own and managed to pull off the main counter with the sink. But the kitchen island has been waiting for its turn and weather is a restriction because it is very hard to mix concrete when there is snow on the ground. So I started a mold for this next part and it needs some attention before the pour so I may do that today.

Hmmm, suddenly I have too much to do....

Well, it all comes out of having so many options and not enough time (or energy). That is one thing that I hope for in heaven, unlimited energy, time and strength(pouring concrete is a bit of a challenge for someone my size).

I am also anticipating a blissful weekend with the hubby. We will be sans-teenager this weekend thanks to the CRCC youth retreat which Daniel is going on. He has got his own blissful weekend ahead of him thanks to a new love interest but that is another post.

So I am off to fill the creative well. A much needed excercise after tax-time-turmoil.

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