no painting today

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No painting for me today. I am smack in the middle of a flu bug. I thought I had avoided it as everyone else seemed to have had it. What can I say, I am a late bloomer.

So I am trying to simultaneously recover, get a wee bit of work done and pack because of all weekends this little family is off to vegas.

It is Daniel's spring break and Bryan has some time so it is off to a much needed break. We have wanted to see "O" for oh...years and so we go.

If only I could stop sniffling and see straight.

Of course one positive thing about being sick the last few days has been overdosing on CSI. I was lucky enough to be imobile on the couch during a CSI marathon. Now I am totally addicted.

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Hey! Are you feeling better? Has the dry heat helped your flu?

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