miracles do happen


Well, today I can rejoice. The kid managed to get up without mom's help. Of course no standard alarm clock would suffice. Instead the trusty ipod plugged into the stereo did the trick. Even I woke up to the thumping of a bass line through the floor. I think it was Bob Marley.

And oatmeal just didn't happen. He managed to grab a danish before dashing out the door. Oh well.

Hey I am not complaining. This means that I get an extra half an hour of sleep!!!


you go woman! it's so hard not to keep trying to remind my son of EVERYTHING, i keep trying to bite my tongue and let him have consequenses to some of his actions. those tiny little 7 year old shoulders look so tiny though.

do they ever look more capable though? i can't imagine 10 years will make much of a difference to my perspective.


It is amazing how fragile those shoulders seem. And what is more, looking through a mothers eyes, even at my seventeen year old I still see those seven year old shoulders and every age inbetween. Its like some kind of anti ex-ray vision. Enjoy those little ones. It goes by really fast.

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